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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Super Duper Super and Assistant

Hard to believe that summer is over.  My first day with students in my building was Tuesday.  We had two days prior that were considered official work days on the district level and in our building.  As an intervention teacher, nobody wants to let their students visit me with the long lists of explaining that has to go on regarding routines, the building, lunch, and recess. And there is so much to do prior to identifying who needs intervention.

So I find myself fortunate to be able to sit down with my fellow intervention teachers in my building and get some things checked off of our to do lists!  As with you in your teaching situation, there are so many new essentials to consider. For us, we have to consider SLO's (the big one!) and we have a new teammate who moved over from Special Education who has to back up one step and learn how students arrived at her doorstep.  But my main point is that we four had a lot of time together today between escorting lost students and our various duties.

While meeting throughout the day today, our Superintendent peeked in and we waved her in to say hello. For two of us she is our former principal.  And for me, I will always be eternally grateful because she hired me for my second teaching position ever.  We reminisced about my first day back in the classroom when she came to my room for the lunch count, only to find me desperately collecting school supplies, a task with which I was unfamiliar, as at my former school students brought very few items.  I had a look on my face showing her I thought she had to be joking!  We chatted briefly on day one, wished each other a great year, and she went on her way to visit other classrooms while we got back to work. 

Later in the day, our Assistant Superintendent stopped by the building and passed by my door.  I stepped out into the hall and asked him to stop by when he had a moment. He came back awhile later and we had a great chat.  My link to him is that we attended both undergraduate and graduate school together, at two different universities, and years later, he was hired to be our assistant superintendent. He truly listened to some concerns we had and really wanted to make sure he understood our concerns. He said they will be addressed.

Prior to my current school district, I taught in a big urban school district.  My current district is so much smaller but how many of us educators can say we know both their Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent personally, can be greeted by name, are visited with smiles, and are listened to and helped to alleviate any fears while wading through all the uncertainties that come all these new legal requirements. I can't be more pleased to work for these two individuals and to call them my colleagues! 

Until Next Time,