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Saturday, December 19, 2015

YIPPEE!  That's all I have to say.  No...I actually have a little more. Can you guess what today is?Today is my first day of WINTER VACATION.  I didn't have to set the alarm clock, I could linger in my jammies, and I am finally finishing some of the projects for TPT that I've been working on as well as some of those around the house.  It is actually going to be a staycation for the hubs and I as our puppy is in need of some TLC in his geriatric years.  So gladly we are staying in town for the holidays.  I'm busy booking dates to see friends, have dinners out, check out some new movies, and the list goes on!

After being featured in the TPT newsletter last month, my store has blown up and I have a ton of new followers. I hope they are following here as well. (If you are a new follower, give a shout out below!) Anyway, I decided to create a freebie just for you, my followers and fans so you have a new, fun center for your emerging readers for your arrival back to school in the new year. (Shh....we are not going to rush it by any means!)

So this game is called Winter Time- Spin and Cover. All you have to do is print out the spinner board, the mitten board, and add a spinner along with a pile of snowballs (a.k.a. cotton balls). Students spin the spinner and cover the correct mitten with a snowball. The goal is to be the one to cover the board first.  This can be played individually, in pairs, in centers, at your reading table, for RtI work, and with parent volunteers or peer tutors.  VERY VERSATILE.

I hope your kiddos will enjoy this. I look forward to trying it out with my kids too as even mine haven't had their hands on this new item yet.  Give a shout out and let me know what your think and how it goes.

So I wish you the best and safest holiday ever.  And for those of you still in school for a few days, hang in there. It's a glorious feeling when it arrives so savor every moment. I look forward to creating many more great items for all of us to use in the new year.  And I look forward to hearing from you all on a regular basis....so come follow along for the fun.

Until Next Time,
Taryn's Unique Learning

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Holidays Linky!

So I just got back from my weekly grocery shopping trip and I wore flip flops!  You may think that's not a big idea but I live in OHIO!  It's the weekend before Winter Break and it's close to 70 degrees outside.  Anyway, I got home to find a post for this linky and decided to participate.

 I thought this would be fun to do and in addition, you can find some new blogger buddies to follow, not to mention follow mine if you are new here!  So take a peek below and I will do my best to answer all the fun questions!

1.  My favorite holiday song...Jingle Bell Rock!
2. My favorite guilty pleasure food....Um...Potato Latkes!  I never have the fried smell in my house any other time of the year except in December when celebrating Hanukkah!
3.  Favorite Holiday Tradition...Sleeping in late on my break!
4.  Favorite Holiday Book...I love "The Magic Dreidel" and "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblin". So hard to choose just one.
5. Favorite Act of Kindness...shopping for items on our "Giving Tree" that is set up at school! I love fancy wrapping and have a wrapping station in my basement so it's always fun!
6.  Favorite Holiday Memory...Since Hanukkah lasts 8 nights, one night was designated for a different part of the family.  Hanukkah is truly a minor holiday and it always seemed we got pajamas one night and underwear another night!
7.  Favorite Holiday Childhood Gift-  I don't really remember anything specific.  That's awful!
8.  Favorite Holiday Craft-  We used to make menorahs out of Popsicle sticks.
9.  Favorite Holiday Movie- Home Alone
10. Favorite place to shop for holiday gifts-  I'm a fan of online shopping these days.  I think my neighbors might think I have a problem.
11. I hope Santa brings me...If Santa stops here, he has the wrong address!
12.  My favorite product... my new December Word Work!  While I have used this activity forever, I find it to be one of the most versatile activities in my store as far as usable in various grade levels and for differentiating in a single classroom.

December Word Work- Magnetic Letter Move Around

So best wishes to you and  yours for a wonderful holiday season and great 2016.  I hope to see more of you around here on my blog, on Instagram at taryns_unique_learning, on TPT (follow by clicking the green star at the top of the page!), on  Teachers Pay Teachers , and on Facebook at Taryn's Unique Learning- Facebook Page Facebook  !