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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm a Little OCD....Is it a Teacher Thing?

Happy Mid-February to you.  I've been missing in action but am back for this evening. I've been spending so much time working on new products for my store and well...it's February.  That means tons and tons....and tons of testing for us. Plus, I've spent tons of time on paperwork and getting some of my intervention kiddoes through the RtI process. That conversation is definitely for a different day! 

So today I thought I would share one of my favorite topics for you, ORGANIZATION!  Perhaps you do the same thing, or you organize a bit differently.  As I mentioned earlier, I have moved into a gargantuan space this year from a previous closet...literally a closet.  Now I have this room and a huge closet. I spent much time trying to figure out how to best organize all of my materials so I can reach in, grab, and go.  I'm always on the run and have very little prep time so quick and easy is the name of my game.  Plus I must know where to get my hands on what I'm looking for very easily.  Sound familiar?  I'm sure!  :)

I purchased large shoe boxes, suitable for boots to store my materials.  I do not use the lids.  I simply label the side of the box with a cute label, describing the main skill that the materials cover.  Below you will see my "Sight Word Bin."  Here's a peek:

Let me tell you about just some of these items that have become favorites of mine in the sight word department. Starting at the top left and going counterclockwise:
*Lakeshore Sandpaper sight words- I have 3 sets of these and they are a quick and easy way to incorporate some multisensory learning into the day.  I like the font, the size, and they come in several colors.  I have red, blue, and green.
*Shout out to a fellow TPT seller-Miss Giraffe and her Secret Sight Words. They are "the bomb".  My kiddoes use magnetic letters with them and fill in the sight word.  Sometimes we do them together, and other times in small group or individually.
*Jenga-  I took an old game of Jenga and permanent marker and wrote a Fry Word on each block.  Students now have to read the word once they pull out the block.  This is highly coveted!
*Really Good Stuff- Sight Word Bracelets- My kiddoes can bring their bracelet back, read all the words on it, and trade it in for a new one!  Yes....a few were lost but that's to be expected.
*Reading Power Towers- each Pringle can is filled with mini cups that have sight words written on them.  The kiddoes read and stack, and it's always a hoot when they knock them over!  This was a Pinterest find.  I've made 3 sets of them, with increasing difficulty.
*Keyboarding Folders- You can have students write with a dry erase on the top part of the folder, and type the word on the keyboard.  This was found online but the author didn't label it so my apologies to the creator of this reproducible.
*Color Words- I simply cut the letters on the Ellison Cut Out machine to spell the color words, out of the corresponding colored paper.  All letters go into the bag.  Students can first sort the letters by color, then spell the color words.  Or if you want a quick and easy version...stop by my store and check out a prepared version. I just dropped the price! :) 

Whew!  That's only one bin.  There are more where that came from!

Until Next Time,