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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Belly Full....Leftovers Gone...Looking Ahead

Well Happy End of November.  Are you leftovers gone and has your dog found all the crumbs?  The end of November is always such a blur for me and the anticipation of the December rush is definitely in the air. The holiday muzak has definitely been playing for a few weeks in the stores, the holiday frenzy is in full swing with shopping, party planning, and thoughts of Winter Break. (I know you are thinking about it too!)

This winter is a Stay-cation for the hubs and myself.  Our 15 year old little wonder dog, Izzy has held his own since diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and Congestive Heart Failure back in February '15. The vet assumed he would last just a few months and here it is, December and my best holiday gift is that he is still with us, tail wagging, and still on his same dose of medications with room to increase. His tail wags each morning when he jumps off the bed and runs to his food bowl so all is good in our world.

This season has also brought about many new followers of "Taryn's Unique Learning" and for that I am extremely excited and grateful. Welcome to all of you and it's truly amazing to have you reading about my teaching happenings. Having had a TPT product featured in the newsletter has almost doubled my followers and my store is hopping more than ever.  It is thrilling to know that materials that I have created have been downloaded 14,000 times (holy moly) and being in used in classrooms across not only the country but the world.  I remember when teachers down the hall were the only ones using my materials so I'm truly amazed.  So a super big thank you for being here.

As you anticipate the upcoming holidays, I too have tried to provide you with some fabulous holiday items (AND A HANUKKAH FREEBIE!) to make learning extra fun and meaningful for your students.  Hanukkah/Chanukkah/ Chanukah, however you spell it is the holiday my family celebrates. In case you are wondering why you've seen it spelled so many ways...it is a transliteration from a Hebrew Word so it can be spelled in English multiple ways.  It is truly a holiday that gets tons of hype as it is timed closely to Christmas, although it's based on the Jewish calendar which accounts for the nonspecific date on which it falls each year. And it truly is a holiday for kids.

So here is a freebie for you this holiday season.  If you are teaching your students about various holidays and traditions, playing Dreidel is a tradition that Jewish Children all over the world play during Hanukkah.  I know I did as a child!  This is a fun way to incorporate a little math into your holiday season so I hope you and your students enjoy!

Also, here are a few more items that may be of interest to you. 

Christmas Number Bonds

Christmas Sight Word Search

Christmas Pattern/Shape Clip Cards

Christmas Nonsense/Real Word Sort

Hanukkah Pocket Chart Activity

And my first Hard Good...Printed, Laminated, Assembled and Shipped Directly to You:

Personalized Name Pennant

And a special thanks to my friends at Fabulous Freebies for Teachers who set up this Blog Hop! Having a group of "virtual friends" is amazing fun and it's been great to meet these fabulous educators and entrepreneurs!  Best wishes to them and you for a fabulous holiday season and amazing new year!

Until Next Time,
Taryn's Unique Learning

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