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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bossy R Activities

Well Good Morning!  I was having some technical difficulties but I think my blog is back in working order. And by technical difficulties, let me say I am tech challenged and I'm just getting used to this blogging world!  It's a three day weekend for most as it's Memorial Day Weekend. I find myself with all of my personal days left since I haven't been able to take them....so I am off all next week.  That should give me a good taste of summer. I'm sticking close to home with my pup but I have lots of lunch dates and spa treatments set up so I'm totally looking forward to it.  As an intervention teacher, I feel less guilty about taking the days as there are so many special events going on this time of year that it would be touch and go for seeing kiddos anyway.  Good thing I left a pile of laminating for my sub to cut out in my absence.

Anyway, I've just joined a group of fabulous bloggers and am involved in a Collaborative Blog called "Fabulous Freebies for Teachers".  We are a group of 20 bloggers and will be providing posts and products for you to read and see via a blog and Facebook.  And be sure to note the word FREEBIES.  Who doesn't love a great freebie right?

So this year I had the opportunity to be trained in Orton Gillingham phonics and have to say I love it.  I came out of college during the Whole Language movement and was never really trained in a formal Phonics approach. I surprised myself by loving what it did for some of my intervention kiddos who have been struggling for ages.  Orton is definitely a multi-sensory approach to learning.  And I have enjoyed supplementing it with many learning centers to reinforce the skills taught.  Below you read about my latest product which is free to you from my TPT store.  Here is the link!
Bossy R Spinner Game

There are two ways to play this activity.  The first is to simply spin the spinner and generate a word with the correct er, ir, or ur spelling. The first to fill either the er, ir, or ur column is the winner. The second way is to pick a card, read it, and record it in the correct column.  Either way, this is great practice in reading the Bossy r words.

If you are itching for more Bossy R activities, I also have an item in my store called "Poke and Peek".  You simply use a golf tee, pencil, or straw and poke through the hole of the correct spelling.  This is a fun format for the students, as you circle the back side of the correct hole and it is self checking for your students.  Here is the link for that product:
Bossy R Poke and Peek

So best wishes for a fabulous end of the school year and summer. I wish you lots of rest, relaxation, and tons of fun during your time off. We certainly deserve it.

Until next time,