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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Link Up

I don't know about you but I love a "Linky". If you don't know, a linky is a post at the bottom of someone's blog that others link up and post some of their fabulous products for you ,the reader, to see. What does that mean for you, my readers?  You will start seeing some fabulous products on my blog not only made by me, but from other Teacher Blogger friends who also have some fabulous products.

While I love teaching math, reading is really "my thing".  I am going to have readers focus on linking up their fabulous reading products.  They will be reading products that can be used while in a Guided Reading Groups, while participating in literacy centers or stations, for home practice, peer tutors, parent volunteers, or any other way you can imagine instructing your students in the area of reading and language arts.  They can be seasonal and timely or just for any old time of year.

I look forward to being a wonderful resource for you and for you teacher authors out there, come stop by to link up each week!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 21, 2016

"I'm Going In...So If You Don't Hear From Me, Come Looking!"

Has anyone been dreading going into your classroom?  I have to admit that I was. I am an intervention specialist going into my 30th year teaching, and I moved from half of a great big room to a virtual closet. Thirty years means I have a lot of materials. My stuff had all been moved to the new closet (I mean space) and literally dumped. Dumped on the table, floors, on shelves, etc. So today was my day to go into my new space and try to get some things put away and organized.

So part of the fun and challenge of a new space is trying to get everything working for you.  II TYPICALLY LOVE THIS CHALLENGE. The biggest bummer of this all is that there is no hidden storage, meaning everything is out in the open for the most distracted students in the building to see. New pencils, crayons, Kleenex are sitting on a shelf or on top of a bookcase which makes curious eyes go a bit bonkers.  I have my cleaning supplies out on a shelf for all eyes to see.  Are you getting the idea?  Anyway, here is a picture from when I arrived and another from the end of my four hour adventure!

So, overall  I think I made some progress.  What you can't see is behind the door the entire divider wall is lined with bookcases.  Same for the wall on the left of the door too.  My plans for now, include making some solid colored curtains to hang on the big book cases with a tension rod to cover some of the clutter. And while I love these reading tables, I'm wondering if I can switch it out for a round table.  I don't know about your school, but my two rolling chairs are hot commodities and I am actually thinking of getting rid of one.  I hope lightening doesn't strike me based on that decision alone.  I'm awaiting some chairs from the custodial staff and I had matching colored ones last year so I'm hoping for the same this year.  And you can see my stool with modge podged sight words all over it.  Of course you have to read three words on it before sitting on it for the session.  And a shout out to my computer guy who took time out of his day to unwind my wires, get my computer up and running, and switched out my telephone so I can keep my extension.  Now, if only I can get rid of the guts for the Smart-board, because the board is in my new roomie's half of the room.  I know...it makes so much sense right!

If you have a knack for getting organized and have any suggestions to offer me to make my small space seem more organized or larger, please comment below.  I could use your collective help! Perhaps a panoramic view next time?

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nifty Fifty and Giveaway

I have an announcement.  I was born on July 12, 1966. Guess what? That makes today my 50th birthday.  I'm not sure really how this happened but poof!  I'm 50. I'm certain my AARP card is on the way...again. They only send them out for a year and a half prior to your actual 50th birthday.  I am getting ready to enter my 29th year of teaching, 2 districts, 2 schools, 4 principals, 4 assistant principals, 3 grade levels, 2 rounds as an Intervention Specialist and I am sure I could continue. I love that everyone is posting their educational stats.  I haven't done that because I've been busily getting ready for the big 5-0.  Today I'm heading to ORLANDO, FLORIDA for my second visit to the Annual Teachers Pay Teachers Conference.  Darn...wish it was in Vegas again because I love Las Vegas.  I'm expecting heat and humidity, lots of noisy kids, and a ton of fun with my local TPT friends who I meet up with on a semi-regular basis these days.  It's going to be so different than the first time I went to the conference when I did not know a single sole.

Now...you may not be a TPT seller but you may be a fiercely loyal TPT customer.  And I truly love that you found me here. So I thought you would like to get in on the birthday celebration as well.  For you I am posting a great birthday freebie.  It is called "Rockin' My Way to 50" and includes four different activities that you can use for centers in your classroom. (Just click on the link below the cover picture.)  It also makes me want to sing the introductory song to "Happy Days" thanks to the adorable clip art from Educlips.  Take a peek below to see samples of all the centers that are included:

First up, you will find a super fun game board with an accompanying spinner (not pictured).  Your students will spin the spinner and land on a sight word (from the first 50 Fry Word List).  Students read the word aloud and the other players check and confirm.  It's kind of on the honor system here.  There are a few fun spots in the game that can either accelerate the game or slow it down.  But I always say, "Who doesn't love a spinner game?!!"

Next up, you will find clip cards for numeral sequences between 1-50.  Students find the missing number from the three choices listed below.  All you need to do is cut, laminate, and add clothespins. Students clip the clothespin onto the correct answer. You can also make this activity self checking by putting a smiley face on the back side behind the correct answer.  Beware of SHARPIES as they show through which will take all the work out of this product. Although firsties will swear they weren't seeing the answers on the back!

Similarly, I have more clip cards that can be set up the exact same way. This is a "Fifties" version of my best selling product "Context Clues".  This will help your students practice using context clues to determine word meaning. Students choose the one picture below that makes the sentence make the most sense!  (Perfect carryover for teaching the ready strategy of skipping an unknown word when reading and coming back to it!) My students love this format and I think yours will too.

And this is the last activity I have included. You may choose to use this as an assessment or practice. Students can fill out the chart with the missing numerals.  Also included you will find a completely blank version for completing the entire 50's chart.

If you count your days of school up to Day 100, you can use  any or all of these products along the way or as you see fit.  And don't forget...THEY ARE FREE! See...aren't you glad I am turning 50?

If you love this product, I would be honored if you would follow me on my blog at any or all of my locations that you would find helpful.  I have provided you with those location links below and of course, would love to see you there. Just click to follow.

Finally, if you would like to link up some products below that are related to the  Birthday theme and how you celebrate student birthdays in your classroom, please feel free to link up to 3 Birthday Products to share with others. Who doesn't love a linky!

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate my birthday. It's a milestone for sure...one that not everyone has the privilege of celebrating!

Until Next Time,