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Friday, September 19, 2014

Classroom Tour

So I decided as an intervention teacher who spends a good amount of time at the beginning of the year assessing students, it takes FOREVER  to get a formal caseload identified.  As one who likes to jump in and get started, this is a source of frustration every single year.  We have finally come to the end of our Fall testing session almost.  Our school does NWEA Map Assessments and we have finally made it through testing all grade levels 1-4 as well as make ups!  Who knew so many kids could be absent so soon into the school year!  Today is going to be spent assessing kindergarteners. My three partners and I will be descending on the two full day kindergarten classes and two half day classes and hope to make a significant dent today.  Finally yesterday the intervention team was able to sit down, look at the data, and determine our caseloads to begin our year!  And this was a fast year in identifying our caseloads. 

So my thought is that once I am seeing students regularly, I will have more inspiration to write about on my blog!  In the meantime, I have posted a mini "classroom tour" for you.  This is my new space and it is ENORMOUS!  I literally had a little office space last year and it's been fun to pull all my goodies from my basement and bring them back to school. It's like seeing an old friend!  The space I am currently in previously was a computer lab, which accounts for the awkward step around two sides of the room.   Now that our computers are on carts, the room is not useful in that way.  So, I moved in and as you can see made myself at home.  Part of the fun in moving to a new space is learning how to best utilize the space and use all the nooks and crannies to your benefit.  I'm sure this enormous space will be a work in progress, especially once kiddoes are in my room on a regular basis! 

Anyway, perhaps you can take a peek and get some great ideas for your space!  The closet space is a big bonus....don't hate me!  I was however, already busted by the fire marshal for putting stuff on the top shelf!  Oh well....all is moved now! 

Until next time,

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