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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And the Answer Is...How I Use Exit Tickets

So how do you make sure that your students have actually learned what you taught them during a given period of time?  As you may already know, I am an intervention teacher for students struggling and going through the RtI process.  This year I teach both reading and math and am working with first through third graders.  (That fluctuates depending on the year!)

One of my favorite parts of my day has to be when I see my firsties!  I was a first grade teacher and this just feels like "coming home" to me.  There is definitely something magical about the first grade year and in my opinion, it happens in small group work.  The firsties come to you in September and can't read and they leave reading and loving literature!

So one of my favorite ways to ensure they have learned a skill is to let them "show what they know" by means of an exit ticket.  I have created my first exit ticket product and I want to explain to you how this product came to be!

Remember walking across your college campus or through the uptown area?  For me that seems like eons ago!  I remember seeing telephone poles in highly traveled areas and seeing advertisements stapled to the poles, advertising roommates needed, couches for sale, or to come see a band at a particular bar.  These advertisements often had tabs that could be torn off for you to take a phone number or to serve as a reminder.  That right there was my inspiration for my new Short Vowel Exit Slips.

When working on a short vowel as a skill, in a group or in isolation, I decided that before my students leave the table, they can show what they know.  Using my exit tickets, they can choose a tab, read it, and tear it off.  Quite simply, with a group of five students at my table, it takes all of about a minute to throw this task into the mix.  It's a simple, fun way to evaluate if your kids "get it" and a great routine to get the kids into the habit of doing .  If you are anything like me, it's all about the routine! (The poor hubs!  He doesn't know what hit him!)

So if this sounds intriguing or like a routine that you would like to add into your mix, please stop by my store and take a peek!  The format is simple on purpose, not distracting, and my students love it!

Until Next Time,


  1. Just found you on Techie Turtle Teacher! Cute Idea. I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower. I'm a Reading Specialist and also work with struggling readers going through the RtI process. Looking forward to learning from you! :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  2. Thanks Colleen. So glad you found me. I can't wait to check out your page! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Colleen. So glad you found me. I can't wait to check out your page! Thanks so much for stopping by!