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Monday, June 3, 2024

Use Staff BINGO to Easily Boost Morale!

Looking for a no-fuss, fun way to boost staff morale in your school building? Would you like to actually include ALL staff members, not just the teachers? If you said YES, I have the perfect solution for you! Come along to see how my favorite Staff BINGO Game will transform your school into a bright and bustling community of staff members who are excited to come to work! 

Use this amazing staff BINGO activity to boost morale in your school this year.

What is Staff BINGO?

Staff BINGO is the number one most popular staff morale resource in my TPT Shop. But long before that, it was everyone's favorite activity at my school. Back when I was head of the Sunshine Committee in my building, this tool proved to be powerful in fostering a sense of community. 

Staff BINGO is an amazingly fun way to get your staff involved in fun activities that not only cover self care, but every day tasks as well.
It's essentially a life-size BINGO board that takes up a whole wall. I recommend placing it in an area with heavy staff traffic, such as the hallway leading into the breakroom or the office corridor. You'll set up your board with pages that contain different prompts for staff to try and complete. As they do, they sign their name to that square. This continues with the goal being to hit 5 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

I left this game open for a selected time period, and then after the allotted time to play BINGO has passed, we count up the winners and award prizes! Everyone loved this game and it's really easy to work into the schedule since staff can complete the tasks as they have time. Many of these tasks are on their regular to do list, so it doesn't always mean more work for staff as well. 

Why Staff BINGO is a Clear Winner 

So what makes this staff morale game so special? So glad you asked! Let's take a look at all of the key benefits of this game. 


Personally, I loved it because of the versatility. There are over 100 different BINGO task options to choose from, yes you heard that right! With over 100 choices, there is a little something for everyone. You only need 25 choices to complete the board, so the great thing about this resource is that you can choose only the tasks that align BEST with your staff members or school philosophy. Don't like a particular prompt? No worries, just choose another! 

Includes ALL Staff Members

I also love that this BINGO game includes more than just the teachers. As a leader of the Sunshine Committee, I struggled to find activities and games that were targeted at the other staff members in the school. It's usually pretty simple to find ideas for teachers, but I wanted to include ALL the staff!

Use this staff BINGO activity to include everyone in your staff in the fun.

This Staff BINGO game means that everyone can participate and everyone has a chance to win a prize! 

There are lots of prompts that can apply to any employee in the school.  Prompts like "I drank only water today" or "I received a compliment" can be completed by anyone on campus.

There are also some prompts that are more specific to teachers and non-teaching staff. These prompts are organized accordingly in the resource so you can find the perfect prompts for your campus. 

If you have a particularly large school, you might even choose to make multiple BINGO boards for each category of staff member. The options are endless! 

Increases Productivity 

Another fun benefit of this resource is that it actually helps to increase productivity. The prompts on the BINGO board are carefully selected to positively impact work and morale. There are even some self-care prompts included to help ensure your staff members are filling up their own buckets as well! 

Some of the prompts include:

This staff BINGO activity isn't just fun, it also increases productivity for your staff.
  • I hosted an observer in my classroom today. 
  • I successfully made copies today. 
  • I put up a new bulletin board today. 
  • I learned how to use a new piece of technology today. 
  • I increased my water intake yesterday. 
  • I tried a new recipe last night. 
  • I took a walk yesterday evening. 
  • I tucked a pair of slippers under my desk in case of sore feet.

These prompts help ensure that all of your staff members are improving, trying new things, and remembering to take of themselves! 

You could even change out your BINGO board to have a different theme at different times of the year. For example, we all know that the beginning of the school year is a crazy busy time and self-care often gets put on the back burner. That might be the perfect time for a BINGO board that is filled with self-care activities. Spring fever hit the campus? A BINGO board that targets productivity tasks might be just what you need.

Fun Way to Boost Morale

Oh, and I can't forget the biggest reason why this game is a clear winner... it's simple and FUN! I love that staff can come and go to participate in this activity and they love how simple it is to complete. No complicated rules or tasks, just great, morale-boosting fun! 

What's Included in Staff BINGO

Let's look at some specifics of what's included and how to set it up. Inside this resource, you'll get BINGO letter cards, teaching staff-specific task cards, non-teaching staff-specific task cards, and directions for use. Remember, there are over 100 different task sign-up cards included, so there is plenty to choose from! 

How to Set Up & Use Staff BINGO

To get started, you'll print out the BINGO letter cards on cardstock. I recommend using Astrobrights for all of your printing to really make this pop on your wall. Then, choose 25 of the prompts to include in your board. You can choose prompts only for teaching staff, non-teaching staff, or a mix of both. And don't forget, this is totally customizable! If a particular prompt doesn't work for your school or aligns with your philosophy, no need to include it! 

Use a bulletin board in a high traffic hallway, staff lounge, or front office to set up and display your staff BINGO cards.
Once you have your cards, you will attach the B-I-N-G-O letter cards to the top of the wall. Then, align your task sign-up cards underneath in a 5x5 pattern. This will create one big, colorful BINGO board!

Once you're done, it's time to start playing! You'll want to explain to staff that they have a set amount of time that you choose to complete (we did 2 weeks) as many of the tasks on the BINGO board as they can. As they complete a task, they sign their name on that card. Once a card is full, no more names can be added. This will continue, with the goal of getting 5 in a row until the allotted time is over. 

Once it's over, you'll count up the BINGOs and award prizes! We added the staff member's name to a hat for each BINGO they completed and then drew for prizes.  This means the faster you complete the tasks, the more opportunities you have to win! You could also give out a prize for each BINGO that was completed. Just like the cards, how you award prizes is very versatile so that you can make it fit your campus.

Add-On Options 

This has become such a popular staff morale game, that I actually created an add-on option for anyone who is looking for even more customization options! In this Add-On Resource, you can choose 13 additional cards with custom prompts of your choosing. 

Grab this add-on pack for even more staff BINGO fun everyone will love.

This is great if you want to choose things that align specifically with your school philosophy or goals! Once purchased, you'll send me an email with the tasks you would like to have and I will create your custom cards and send them to you. Then you can create your very own, custom Staff BINGO board with even more choices! This addition is also a fun way to mix things up if you play it year after year or if you want to create a board that has a specific theme.

Staff BINGO Makes Boosting Morale Simple 

All in all friends, this is my favorite way to easily boost staff morale. Everyone LOVES to participate, it's super simple to set up, and it boosts productivity - I mean really, what could be better?? Add this amazing Staff BINGO Set to your staff morale toolbox! And don't forget about the custom Add-On Resource if you need additional cards. Have fun playing this game with your staff!

Grab this staff BINGO activity to use in your school this year to increase staff productivity and fun in your school this year.

Looking for More Simple Ways to Boost Staff Morale? 

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Looking for a fun and interactive way to celebrate your staff this year? Use this staff BINGO resource to increase fun and productivity in your school this year. Get everyone on your staff involved with fun cards and activities everyone can participate in. #tarynsuniquelearning #staffbingo #staffcelebrationideas #schoolbingo

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