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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Link Up

I don't know about you but I love a "Linky". If you don't know, a linky is a post at the bottom of someone's blog that others link up and post some of their fabulous products for you ,the reader, to see. What does that mean for you, my readers?  You will start seeing some fabulous products on my blog not only made by me, but from other Teacher Blogger friends who also have some fabulous products.

While I love teaching math, reading is really "my thing".  I am going to have readers focus on linking up their fabulous reading products.  They will be reading products that can be used while in a Guided Reading Groups, while participating in literacy centers or stations, for home practice, peer tutors, parent volunteers, or any other way you can imagine instructing your students in the area of reading and language arts.  They can be seasonal and timely or just for any old time of year.

I look forward to being a wonderful resource for you and for you teacher authors out there, come stop by to link up each week!

Until Next Time,