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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wednesday Linky

My weeks constantly feel like a whirlwind...do yours? I'm trying to find more hours in my day.  So far I haven't succeeded. Take a peek and see what's been happening recently in my world!

I have mentioned before that I am in charge of our Sunshine Committee at school. I occasionally host a "breakfast cart" and set one up this past Friday. It is always a big hit and most of what I buy is gone by the end of the morning.  Do you have this in your building?  I'm thinking about suggesting that a grade level hosts this each month so we can have it more often.  I would love to hear if you do this in your building or any other suggestions to boost morale or team build! Here is what the cart looked like on Friday!

The Hubs and I went on an overnight to Louisville, Kentucky.  He humors me each year and we attend the St. James Court Art Show.  He had a great dinner out planned for us on Saturday evening and we attended the show on Sunday before heading home.  I collect glass perfume bottles and added this little beauty to my collection.  I absolutely loved it!

And a few other happenings from my Intervention Office that have been happening recently:

So as you can see...there has been a lot happening.  If your classroom has been that busy or if you are creating materials for teachers to use this October, feel free to share up to three products you have been using or that you have created.  Let's include one FREE item for this time of year if you are posting!  

Until Next Time,

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