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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

August Staff Morale Resources to Start the Year Off Right

There's no denying that back to school time is one of the busiest seasons for administrators, teachers, and school staff! This crazy time of year is known for zapping the energy right out of us with endless to-do's, organizing, and prep work. If you're ready to welcome staff back to school in a new way this year, I've got your back! Let's talk about my favorite August staff morale resources to start the year off right! 

Use these August staff morale resources to start the year off right and show your staff how much you appreciate all they do to make your school an amazing place for your students.

Why Staff Morale Counts from the Start! 

Working in a school is often a thankless job. This is especially true at the beginning of the school year. The students haven't arrived yet, but there is much to be done in preparation for the new year. There are floors to wax, cafeterias to stock, classrooms to prep, and new students to enroll. There are many moving pieces in a school and even before the year starts your staff is laying the foundation for another great year! Because of this, I think it is SO important to recognize your entire staff's hard work and acknowledge all they are doing.  

Kick off your year with August staff morale resources to get everyone on a high note and ready to take on an amazing new school year.
By taking some time to plan a few August staff morale activities, you'll be able to show your appreciation, encouragement, and gratitude to your amazing staff members. This, in turn, helps build increased productivity and a sense of community in the workplace. It's a win-win, no matter how you slice it! 

But let's not forget how busy you are! That's why today we are focusing on staff morale activities that you can prep in advance for August or the beginning of the year. These are things you can plan for during the summer and have them ready when everyone returns.

August Staff Morale Resources That Don't Take Hours to Prep 

Now don't worry friends! I'm not suggesting you spend endless summer hours prepping materials and activities. In fact, with some strategic resources, you won't need to spend much time or energy at all! Showing your staff that you notice their hard work and appreciate all they are doing does not have to take a big production or be a costly endeavor. In fact, it's often the small things that staff members appreciate because they come at just the right time.

These August staff morale resources come together easily and will wow your staff during the back to school season! Take a look at these ideas to start planning your own staff morale activities for the new year! 

1. Staff Favorites Booklet 

First off, let's start with a staff favorite... literally! This Staff Favorites Book was always something I looked forward to creating because it was so versatile. The idea behind this is that you will pass out pages with a list of blanks to fill in. The "favorites" on the page include items such as:

Add this staff favorites booklet to your list of August staff morale resources to keep track of things your staff would love to receive for holidays, teacher appreciation week, and more.
  • favorite hot & cold drinks
  • favorite sweet treat 
  • favorite healthy treat 
  • favorite store 
  • favorite pens, and more!
Everyone will get their own page to fill out, and then turn them back in to be bound into a book. I like to make a few copies before binding. Then, the books get placed in strategic areas throughout the school. The staff lounge, office, and near the copier are all good places! I also make sure to share one with the PTO leadership.

Then, when someone would like to surprise a co-worker or get them a gift, they can flip through the book and find the perfect option! I love that this idea encourages a sense of community and doing good for others. Plus, the wide variety of "favorites" makes it easy to find something that fits a small budget! 

Print these pages off on summer break and plan to pass them out at the beginning of the year.  Better yet, set aside 5-10 minutes during an in-service meeting and have everyone fill them out at that time.  

2. Staff Birthdays 

Do you celebrate birthdays at your school? If not, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to share a little recognition to each individual staff member throughout the year! But don't worry friend, this doesn't need to be an all-out production! In my school, I keep things simple with a fun monthly bulletin board display and birthday book to keep track. 

A staff birthdays book and bulletin board is a great addition to your August staff morale resources because it helps you keep track of birthdays throughout the year letting everyone celebrate their special day.
I used the printable pages in this resource to make a bound book with a list of all the birthdays in our school by month. The easiest way to do this is to print off the pages, bind them into a book, and pass it around at the first staff meeting of the year. Everyone will jot down their birthday under the appropriate month. 

Then, using the bulletin board supplies in the resource, create a fun birthday board for the staff lounge. Monthly posters are also included so you can see the list of names and birthdates for that month. I liked to laminate them ahead of time and put them on a binder ring. Then, just use a dry-erase marker to write down the names and birthdays each month. It's super quick and easy to flip the sign each month and fill it out! This simple gesture makes staff feel valued and encourages co-workers to browse the staff favorites book for a special treat for their colleagues.

3. Stock the Fridge 

Part of back to school time is spending a couple of weeks getting the classrooms and other areas of the school in order and ready to welcome students. Teachers and other staff members work extra hard during this time, often pulling long hours in the summer heat! Show appreciation by stocking the fridge with some cold beverages while they work! 

August staff morale resources like this stock the fridge printable poster let everyone know there are goodies waiting for them in the staff lounge.
This Stock the Fridge resource is one of my favorite staff morale boosters for August because it's super simple and everyone loves it! All you need to do is print off the colorful signs and hang them around the school to notify everyone that cold drinks are available to them in the lounge fridge. Then, stock up the fridge with a variety of fun sodas, juices, and sparkling waters to treat your staff! 

This download includes 8 cute and colorful signs to let staff know that they are more than welcome to grab a cold drink while they get settled for the new school year. This will be a fun tradition that everyone will look forward to and appreciate!

4. Welcome Back Poem 

Looking for a heartfelt way to welcome staff members back to school in August? If so, I know you'll love this Welcome Back Poem! 

A welcome back poem like this is the perfect addition to your August staff morale resources because it's a great way to welcome everyone back to school.
Included in this resource is an original poem written by yours truly! It's printed on a colorful, school-themed paper that makes it super simple to print and use. 

I recommend printing one for each staff member over the summer and folding them or rolling them up. If you want to get really fancy, you can use some pretty ribbon to tie the rolled-up poems. 

Then, on the first day, place one in each mailbox to welcome staff back and start the year off right! Your teachers and staff will be delighted to receive this special gift. 

5. Years of Service Award 

Last on my list of August staff morale resources is one that is perfect for recognizing your staff for their hard work and dedication. Years of Service Awards will be a wonderful surprise to your staff as you begin the busy back-to-school season. 

I liked to print these off and use them at our first staff meeting of the year. It's so much fun to pass out the awards and start the year off with a celebration! 

The certificates I use come in both color and black and white options for years 1-40. I liked to print them off on heavy cardstock and use a fancy pen to fill them in. This personal touch really adds to the gift and makes staff feel valued and appreciated. 

You can choose which years you'd like to recognize or make one for every staff member. Either way, this is a fun staff morale-boosting activity to use in August as you begin another year! 

Grab All of the August Staff Morale Resources In One Place!

Love all of these staff morale resources and ideas? Good news! You can find all of them inside the August Staff Morale Bundle! Simplify your planning for the whole month by grabbing the bundle! You'll get all 5 resources at a reduced price in one, easy download. This way, you can prep all of these activities over the summer and return to school in August ready to welcome staff with open arms! I know you'll be glad you did, especially as the busy season begins. 

Grab this August Staff Morale Resources Bundle to kick off your school year on the right foot and show your staff how important and appreciated they are.

I know this time of year is notorious for being busier than ever, but keep in mind that with a little bit of summer prep, you can recognize staff and start the year off on such a positive note. Choosing to incorporate some August staff morale resources will make all the difference when it comes to beginning the year on the right foot! 

Looking for More? 

If you know me, you know I love staff morale resources and activities! Here are some more posts to start your year off right! 

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